Friday, August 29, 2014

What To Do With A Few Unexpected Hours Of Free Time?

So, in my other life, my non-blogging, non-creating life I substitute from time to time.  Today was one of those days.  

Now mind you, school only started three days ago, but a friend had to be gone to go out of her town for her daughter's soccer game. I got up early, not my forte, had a quick cup of coffee and headed out the door to greet some sweet, albeit squirrely kindergarteners (it is only their second day of school).

And after saying hello in the teacher's lounge I headed down the hall to the classroom only to be greeted by the teacher I was subbing for.  

Oops, miscommunication, I was only needed half a day and did not need to return until 12:30.  She apologized, I said, "Yippee!"

I came home, had a second, more relaxing cup of coffee and perused the internet for a bit.  But, as I am sure you know, a short time perusing can turn into 3 hours later and I did not want that to happen. 

A year or SO ago (okay 5 years ago, FIVE!!) I redid my mudroom.  You can see it HERE.

I was going to leave this hall tree in there for only a short time.  

A mere five years later, an unexpected few hours to myself and I cleaned the hall tree bench out, painted and made a coat hook, and not only gained an extra foot+ of space, but also had it cleaned and organized.

A coat hook 

(See that weird placement of that outlet?  That is why the coat hook is not longer

a milk crate and egg carton crate for shoes and sporting goods,

and a Good Day Sunshine sign freshened up my space. 
A morning well spent!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inspiration Pinspiration

This morning I am feeling the need for a little inspiration.  And where do I most often go for some visual inspiration?  Pinterest!  I have a board entitled Inspiration (HERE) where I pin those pictures that don't necessarily have a single item I want to make or a look I want to recreate, but rather they just make me happy, make me smile, make me say ahhh.

Here are a few that are singing to me this morning:

Where do you find inspiration?  Here's hoping you have an inspirational day!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vintage Inspiration Party

Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party (VIP)! So glad to have you join us! Your links will show up on 3 blogs, Knick of Time, My Salvaged Treasures and Beyond The Picket Fence, and next week we have another incredible blog joining us as co-hosts!
I was just thinking about the "initials" VIP, and aside from Vintage Inspiration Party, it could also stand for Very Incredible Projects, because I'm amazed each week at all the creative repurposed and upcycled projects you share , and all the unique ways you incorporate vintage decor in your homes.
Vintage Inspiration Link Party

Monday, August 25, 2014

Reclaimed Oak Cow Urine Serving Tray

Well there's an attention grabbing title...or not.  But sometimes you just have to say it like it is, and cow urine it part of what this is.
Reclaimed Wood Tray
I told you last week HERE about the lovely reclaimed oak I have.  I made a simple tray with a chunk of it.
Reclaimed Wood Tray
It is cracked, but oh so beautiful and heavy.  But, here is something else you probably didn't know about reclaimed barn wood:  it often has parts that have turned pink from the cow urine.  People call it "cow piss" wood--but that is a word I do not like so I prefer cow urine or pee.  See the pink on this tray I made?
Reclaimed Wood Tray
I have sanded and sealed it with Annie Sloan wax (which is food safe) and coconut oil and would have absolutely no qualms about serving food on it.  My family is not so sure--phoey, I am sure I have fed them worse things.
Reclaimed Wood Tray
I added some leather belt handles.
Reclaimed Wood Tray
I love the beauty of this wood--cow pee and all!
Reclaimed Wood Tray

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Reclaimed Oak Barnwood Bench

I am blessed to get scrap wood from a friend who is a cabinet maker.  Recently I got a nice pile of reclaimed oak barnwood.  Yep, folks made their barns out of oak years and years ago.  Most of the oak I got is split and cracking, but that doesn't mean I don't love it.

I made this quick and easy (20 minute build time) bench with some of that lovely reclaimed oak. 
reclaimed barnwood bench
I know, I know, why did I paint it?  Because, painted benches sell.  I used a bright green with a teal over the top.
reclaimed barnwood bench
The top was cracked and split, but by attaching the "legs", it holds the top together.  Don't we all need a little help holding it together from time to time?  I toenailed screws underneath to hold the legs in place
reclaimed barnwood bench
and then added screws down through the top to secure them.  When I am painting a bench I don't mind the screws being through the top.
reclaimed barnwood bench
Next, I attached braces for a bottom shelf.  Very quick, very easy, very heavy being it is oak!
reclaimed barnwood bench
Oh, and look at the new "props" my kind brother-in-law saved from the garbage for me--a milk can with lovely patina
reclaimed barnwood bench
and a milk box.  See the label that was on the milk box--LOVE! 
reclaimed barnwood bench
What would you do with reclaimed oak barnwood?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Naval Training Case Table

Well, there's an odd title.  But when I picked up a Naval Training Device box or case I knew it would make a fun table with some storage.
Naval Case Storage Table
I am sure the US Navy did not ever think whatever this originally was would end up as a table.  I hope they are okay with it ;).
Naval Case Storage Table
I don't have a lot of process pictures, but I used 4 spindles (purchased at the same garage sale) and some reclaimed oak to make a frame or base for the case.  I measured on the spindles about half way up so the case could rest on the top of the spindles.
Naval Case Storage Table
I secured the frame to the legs.
Naval Case Storage Table
I then wedged the case into the base--it is a tight fit so I didn't secure it any other way.  I painted the case and frame white, the spindles 4 different colors.
Naval Case Storage Table
I think it would be fun in the kitchen opened up as a bar.
Naval Case Storage Table
But would work well in any room that needs a little storage. 
Naval Case Storage Table
The dog approves!
Naval Case Storage Table

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vintage Inspiration Party

vin-tage (adj.)  1.) used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc.  2.) used to describe something that has the best qualities or characteristics of the things made or done by a particular person, organization, etc.

I want to thank everyone for sharing their vintage treasures at last week's first official Vintage Inspiration Party.  When you link up with Vintage Inspiration Party you get triple the exposure because your link will also be seen at Knick of Time Interiors and My Salvaged Treasures.  It was really difficult for me to choose the features from last week because there were so many creative and inspirational links.  Here's a small sample of what caught Betsy's eye (we take turns picking features). 

Laura from Paint Scribbles shared a tutorial on how she transformed this antique secretary.  The color is so yummy!

Diane from Adirondack Girl @ Heart took us on a tour of the Shaker Heritage Society.  This post is full of interesting history.

Audrey from Timeless Treasures shared these three gorgeous stained glass windows that are hung in front of a large window in her home.  Stunning!

Connie from Crafty Goodies tells us how she prettied up a plain old galvanized bucket.  I love the embellishments.

How clever is this?  Faye from Wild Rose Vintage used an old box spring to display photos and other vintage treasures.

Sally from Salmagundi shared some of her vintage sewing collectibles including this sweet toy Singer sewing machine that was given to her years ago.

We can't wait to see your vintage inspired links!!

Vintage Inspiration Link Party Guidelines
-  You are welcome to share anything vintage or vintage inspired.  This includes yard sale finds, repurposed and upcycled creations, family heirlooms, and even vintage or vintage inspired items you have for sale.  If it's been around awhile or just looks that way...share away!!  No food links please.
-  Pin away, but please be sure to pin directly from the original source, not from my blog.
-  Be sure to have a visible link to Beyond The Picket Fence(text link is fine) within your post.
-  By linking up with the Vintage Inspiration Party you agree that your photos and links may be shared on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media sites.  You may be included in a round up to promote the party or individually with a link back to you.  We love what you share and the extra exposure is a benefit to everyone.

Let's get this party started!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fall Inspiration

Have I mentioned I love fall?  Yes, I know I have a time or two or three..

And while we were squeezing in some end of the summer fun jumping off bridges yesterday (yep, this old lady likes to jump off bridges),
I am still so excited to feel fall in the air.  My trees are losing leaves already, the apples are turning red and getting sweet, the days are not quite as hot.  I hope an early fall does not mean an early winter, but rather a longer fall.  Doubtful, but a Montana girl can dream.

If you two are ready for fall or aren't feeling it, but want to, here is a little past fall inspiration for you:
fall decorating ideas
fall decorating ideas
fall decorating ideas
fall decorating ideas
I hope you are feeling the fall inspiration and will try one of these projects.  Happy almost fall y'all!